Hello 👋

I'm Benjamin, a developer.

I've been a professional web designer and developer since 2015, and have been an undergraduate Computer Science student since 2018.

I work independently and as a consultant, working with agencies such as MICA Interactive and Lynton Black Media to working with businesses directly, ranging from established law firms like Capital Law to small independent game studios like LycheeLabs.

I've worked on big projects like leading the frontend development of the BigBrainMaths worksheet software to small business site maintenance.

This year I launched version 2 of memehub - a meme sharing website built as a progressive web application using an open source framework I designed specifically for newer browsers.

I'm currently studying as a Computer Science undergraduate student at the University of Lincoln, where I continue to work on professional and academic projects, along with writing new hobby projects and uploading them to my Github.

Contact me

If you're interested my work or would like to get started on a project you think I'd be interested in then feel free to contact me through email via contact@benjamingwynn.com or get in touch with me straight away via Telegram.

I look forward to hearing from you ✌️